Our Staff

As you read about some of the people that make it happen at Family of Faith, you will notice there are multiple volunteers for different areas. We are a small congregation, so many of us do more than one job.  Everyone who serves in church loves serving.  If you are of like mind, and wish to join us, there may be a place to exercise your gifts as well.

Sunday School Bible Study Teachers
Nursery, Pre-K, K-5 through 2nd Grade – Bill & Robyn Burden, Mark & Linda Dillehay, Josh & Abby Young, Mike Barber, Melanie Daniel, Sarah Wofford
Youth Director – Melanie Daniel
Youth – Josh & Abby Young, David Daniel
 – Dan Best
Women’s Bible Study – Melanie Daniel

Senior Pastor – David Daniel
Elder – Mark Dillehay
Elder –
Tim Dillehay
Elder – Bill Burden

Praise Team
Director – Larry Hernandez
Piano – Robyn Burden

Support Staff
All Things Tech – Sarah Wofford, Lionel Keros